Plans, Reports and Financials

View all of our corporate documents here, including our Annual Reports, Regional Plans, Strategic Plans and Annual Budgets. 

Plans and Reports








Bronze Award Graphic
Roper Gulf Regional Council was awarded a Bronze Award for its Annual Report 2020-2021 in the 2022 Australasian Reporting Awards - General Award Category
ARA Awards Bronze
Roper Gulf Regional Council was awarded a Bronze Award for its Annual Report 2021-2022 in the 2023 Australasian Reporting Awards - General Award Category


Under the Local Government Act 2019 (the Act), Council is required to prepare and adopt an annual budget for each financial year. The budget is created on a consultative basis and aims to address the needs of residents and ratepayers, and the programs delivered under the Council’s direction.

Annual Financial Audit Reports are carried out by an independent opinion on Roper Gulf Regional Council’s financial statement for each financial year. 

The Annual Budget and Annual Financial Audit Reports can be found in the back end of our Annual Reports and Regional Plans. 

Planning Pathway

Our planning pathway gives a complete overview of how the Council seeks input from its stakeholders to develop plans for service delivery and investment in community infrastructure. It outlines how the organisation’s resources and services also reflect the actual community needs, ensuring strategic congruence and an integrated planning approach. It makes sure that financial and capital resources are aligned in order to support strategic decision-making and better coordinate our operations and activities.

The Strategic Plan 2022-2027 is a five-year roadmap that guides the Council to reach its primary goal – to strengthen the quality of life for all residents of the Roper Gulf region. It sets the framework for decision making and reporting and is the foundation for the development of Annual Reports, Regional Plans, Ancillary Plans and Operational Plans.

This pathway aligns every part of the organisation to the overall strategic priorities and to the organisation’s vision. It aims to show how each department, while operating separately, are all working together to achieve the same strategic goal.

View our Planning Pathway here