Roper Gulf Regional Council has established several committees to assist it with meeting its legislated obligations. Learn more about our committees here

Finance and Infrastructure Committee

The Finance and Infrastructure Committee assists the Council to oversee the allocation of the Local Government’s finances and resources. It operates as an executive committee under Part 5.2 of the Local Government Act 2019. Specifically, it undertakes the financial management roles of Council in the months that the Council does not meet. The Finance Committee meets once every second month (in between Council meetings).


  • Awais UR REHMAN (Independent Member);
  • The Mayor Tony JACK;
  • The Deputy Mayor Helen LEE;
  • Councillor Samuel EVANS;
  • Councillor Owen TURNER;
  • Councillor Annabelle DAYLIGHT; and
  • Councillor Edwin NUNGGUMAJBARR
  • Councillor John  DALYWATER

Finance and Infrastructure Committee Terms of Reference

Audit and Risk Committee

Roper Gulf Regional Council has established to assist the Council in monitoring its compliance with proper standards of financial management, and its compliance with the Local Government Act 2019, its statutory instruments, and the Accounting Standards.  


  • Ian SWAN (Independent Member);
  • Carolyn EAGLE (Independent Member);
  • Claudia GOLDSMITH (Independent Member);
  • Councillor Patricia FARRELL; and 
  • Councillor John DALYWATER

Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference