Aged and Disability Care

We are an approved registered provider and operate Aged and Disability Care support services across the region

For all aged care enquiries

Please contact the Regional Manager on (08) 8972 9047 or at 

Aged Care Programs

Aged Care Home Care Packages

The Council provides aged care services through two different programs. These are called the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care Packages.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

CHSP is an entry level aged care program that helps you live independently at home. It provides small amounts of help such as meals or laundry, things that can help you to stay strong and well. My Aged Care tells us what sort of help you have been approved for.

The program can also provide help for a short time if you are recovering from an illness or injury, such as when someone has a stroke and comes home from hospital and just needs a little bit of help with everyday tasks.

Home Care Package (HCP)

You might need a Home Care Package if you have lots of different health problems and need more help to live at home safely.

There are four different levels of packages, with a level 1 package being the lowest and level 4 being the highest. The Government provides packages that match the person’s assessed needs.


Roper Gulf Regional Council is an unregistered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support services in all of the above communities for the following categories:

  1. Assist personal activities
  2. Assist travel / transport
  3. Group / centre activities
  4. Social and community participation
  5. House hold tasks

To receive these services please note the following information:

  1. Support Coordinator can assist you to discuss your needs and requirements with Council. Contact Roper Gulf Regional Council to discuss your requirements. 
  2. Have a signed Service Agreement in place before services can commence.

Note: The meal services are NOT free and require payment from each individual for both Aged Care and NDIS

Service Sites

Roper Gulf Regional Council is an approved registered provider and operates Aged and Disability Care support services in the following communities.

Aged Care Centre LocationsPhoneOpening Hours (Mon - Fri)

8:00am - 4:36pm 

Ngukurr(08) 8975 4208

8:00am - 4:36pm

Numbulwar(08) 8977 31238:00am - 4:36pm
Wugularr (08) 8977 31228:00am - 4:36pm

We also provide services in Barunga, Bulman, Weemol, Jilkminggan, Manyallaluk and Urapunga.

As an approved registered provider we follow the Aged Care Quality Standards. To receive these services you must be assessed and have a referral sent to Roper Gulf Regional Council, through My Aged Care.

Services available are (not all communities have all services available):

  • Meals
  • Home Cleaning
  • Washing/Laundry
  • Personal Care
  • Yard Cleaning
  • Transport
  • Group Activities
  • Individual Support
  • Assistance with Equipment
  • Advocacy

Client Survey

Roper Gulf Regional Council seeks to understand and respect the needs of each person we support. It is important for us to get your feedback so we know if we are helping the right way and how we can make things better.

Service Documents

Charter of Aged Care RightsDownload here
NDIS Referral FormDownload here
Complaint ProcessDownload here
Client HandbookDownload here

Fees and Charges

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) & Disability In Home Support (DIHS)

Support Services   
Meals$15.00Per mealGST not applicable
Transport$11.00Per tripGST not applicable
Social Support Group$11.00Per serviceGST not applicable
Social Support Individual$11.00Per serviceGST not applicable
Domestic Assistance$11.00Per serviceGST not applicable
Personal Care$11.00Per serviceGST not applicable
Home Care Packages   
Package Management Cost   
Level 1$52.78Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Level 2$92.90Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Level 3$202.16Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Level 4$306.46Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Care Management Cost   
Level 1$70.42Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Level 2$123.87Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Level 3$269.50Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Level 4$408.63Per fortnight (maximum charge)GST not applicable
Client Contribution$10.50Per dayGST not applicable
Support Services   
Social Support Individual$60.00Per hourGST not applicable
Social Support Group (Minimum 5 People)$10.80Per person / per hourGST not applicable
Meals (Preparation & Delivery)$14.51Per mealGST not applicable
Domestic Assistance$60.00Per hourGST not applicable
Personal Care$60.00Per hourGST not applicable
Transport$60.00Per hourGST not applicable
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIC) - Very Remote   
Support Services   
Coordination of Support (COS)$150.21Per hourGST not applicable
Social Support Individual/Transport$93.26Per hourGST not applicable
Meals (Preparation & Delivery)$22.09Per mealGST not applicable
Domestic Assistance $77.71Per hourGST not applicable
Self Care (Personal Care)$93.26Per hourGST not applicable
House/Yard Maintenance $76.31Per hourGST not applicable
House Cleaning$77.71Per hourGST not applicable
Linen Service$77.71Per hourGST not applicable
Transport$1.00Per kmGST not applicable
Social Support Group Centre Based (1:1)$96.68Per hourGST not applicable
Social Support Group Centre Based (1:2)$55.65Per hourGST not applicable
Social Support Group Centre Based (1:5)$31.02Per hourGST not applicable