Executive Team

The Executive Team provides advice to Council, is responsible for management of the region, is involved in top-level decision making and monitors compliance, service delivery and major projects.

Marc Gardner headshot

Marc Gardner

Chief Executive Officer

Marc was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in May 2022. Marc has over 25 years of experience working in Local Government and nearly 10 years’ experience working at Roper Gulf Regional Council. During his time at Roper Gulf, Marc has worked in various executive positions, providing an enormous wealth of knowledge to the Council and its staff.

Marc has a background and qualifications in environmental management, community development and corporate services in Queensland and Northern Territory Local Government. This includes obtaining a Master’s degree in Business (Finance/Human Resources) and maintains affiliations with a number of professional institutes, including LGCOG (Local Government Chief Officer’s Group), Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML), Local Government Professionals Australia (Vice President for their NT Division).  He is also the Council representative on CouncilBiz (Board Member, Executive Board Member and Audit Committee Member) and sits on a range of other committees and reference groups including the Big Rivers Region Economic Growth Committee.

Marc’s goal as CEO is to lead an organisation that values strategic congruence, focuses on safety, fosters a positive workplace culture, delivers high quality services to its constituents and supports altruistic endeavours.

Cindy Haddow headshot

Cindy Haddow

General Manager Corporate Services and Sustainability

Cindy was appointed General Manager Corporate Services and Sustainability in October 2022.

Cindy has spent the past 18 years living in Katherine and has worked in senior leadership roles in the Australian Government, Northern Territory Government and the not for profit sector. Cindy is committed to working collaboratively to ensure Council has high quality corporate support to deliver services to communities.

David Hurst headshot

David Hurst

General Manager Community Services and Engagement

David commenced his employment with Council in April 2021 and was appointed General Manager Community Services and Engagement in October 2022.

David brings 30 years of leadership experience in Local Government, State Government, Aboriginal Corporations and the not for profit sector across Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. He has lived and worked in remote Aboriginal communities for 7 years in senior leadership roles.

David has a Bachelor degree in Business and Post Graduate certificate in Case Management. With a passion for community development and organisational capacity building, David’s goal is to promote an integrated approach to local employment and economic development through job creation and high quality service delivery.


General Manager Infrastructure Services and Planning

This position is currently being recruited.