Bulman (Weemol)

Bulman and Weemol (also called Gulin Gulin, Mardrulk or Yulngu) are located in the Nyirranggulung Ward. Weemol is three (3) kilometres north-west of Bulman

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263 people reside in Bulman including Weemol, with a median age of 29 years old (Census 2021)


The people of Bulman speak Kriol, Dalabon, Rembarrnga and English. 


Baghetti, Barrapunta, Gorpulyul, Mount Catt and Momob


Bulman Council Office: Lot 6, Bulman NT 0852

Phone: (08) 8977 3111

Bulman Postal Address: PMB 23, Bulman NT 0852

Bulman and Weemol are in the Nyirranggulung Ward. Via road, Bulman is 312 kilometres from Katherine on the Central Arnhem Highway. Bulman may also be called Gulin Gulin, Mardrulk or Yulngu. 

Weemol is a separate suburb of Bulman. It is located three (3) kilometres north-west of Bulman off the Central Arnhem Highway. 

Weemol Springs
Weemol Springs, popular swimming spot


By road, the trip to Bulman takes approximately four (4) hours from Katherine. The single lane Central Arnhem Highway is sealed to the gateway of Beswick (118 kilometres). The remaining 194 kilometres is a dirt road with patches of corrugation and bull dust. The road does become inaccessible at times during most wet seasons. Bulman may also be accessed via chartered small aircraft. It is approximately 10 kilometres from the Bulman Airstrip to Bulman Community. Please be advised that Bulman and Weemol are closed communities; a Northern Land Council (NLC) permit is required to visit this community.


Local Authority

An integral part of the community consultation process in Bulman occurs through Bulman Local Authority Meetings. The Local Authority is made up of the Elected Member/s who sit on Council for the Nyirranggulung Ward and are nominated representatives from the community. All stakeholders in Bulman are invited to attend the Local Authority Meetings. The resolutions made at these meetings form the basis of all planning made by Roper Gulf Regional Council.

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This information is sourced from the Northern Territory Government and is available on BushTel.

Service TypeAvailableDetails
Regular Transport ServiceYes

Katherine Coaches

(08) 8971 0774

FuelYes Opal and Diesel available in the community
Commercial AccommodationYes

Roper Gulf Regional Council accommodation

Community StoreYes

Gulin Gulin Community Store

(08) 8975 4711

AirstripYes Delara Aerodrome (sealed) (3km from the community)
Health CentreYes

Primary Health Care delivered by Sunrise Health Services 

(08) 8975 4712


Alcohol Protected Area and a General Restricted Area

Police StationYes

Bulman Police Station

(08) 8975 4077


Bulman School

(08) 8975 4707

Council Service Delivery CentreYes  Council Office located at Lot 6, Bulman NT 0852
Mobile Phone, Internet & RadioYes There are two public telephones in Bulman. Digital television is connected to all homes and TEEBA radio is broadcast throughout the community on 106.1FM
Post OfficeYes Post Office located at Council Service Delivery Centre
Early Childcare CentreYes  
Aged Care CentreYes Council operates an Aged Care Centre at Lot 41