Malandarri Festival

Malandarri Festival 2023
Borroloola Showground

A beautiful weekend filled with special guests, art and culture, film screening, music, traditional dance, spoken word, warm days and cool nights!

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About the Malandarri Festival

The Malandarri Festival celebrates both traditional and contemporary arts and cultural practices from Borroloola clan groups, the Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Gurdanji and Mara peoples. The festival, formerly known as DanceSite, is part of a range of ongoing artistic and professional development opportunities offered throughout the year based in Borroloola and the wider Gulf of Carpentaria region.

A focus for Borroloola is the development of opportunities within the arts and cultural sector for local artists and arts workers and the delivery of the annual Malandarri Festival. The Malandarri Festival Director and Cultural Events Officer, Marlene Timothy, a senior Yanyuwa/Garrwa woman leads the Indigenous Traditional Dance Program community engagement in Borroloola and Robinson River, ensuring the Festival and related activity is community-driven.