20th Anniversary of Borroloola Barra Cup: Borroloola Magpies Triumph in Exciting Cricket Event

Barra Cup

Roper Gulf Regional Council proudly announces the successful completion of the 20th anniversary edition of the Borroloola Barra Cup, held on November 11th-12th in Borroloola.

This milestone cricket event brought together spirited teams from the region, ending in a thrilling victory for the Manangoora Magpies.

The Borroloola Barra Cup, initiated two decades ago, has become a highlight on the local sporting calendar, fostering solidarity and community spirit.

The event, made possible through the collaboration of NT Cricket and Roper Gulf Regional Council, not only celebrates the region's passion for cricket but also serves as a platform to address critical social issues in one of the most remote parts of the Northern Territory.

Initially conceived with the aim of raising awareness about domestic violence against women, the Borroloola Barra Cup has played a pivotal role in starting conversations about this pressing issue within the community.

Roper Gulf Regional Council Chief Executive Officer Marc Gardner said "Sports have the power to bring people together, and the Borroloola Barra Cup exemplifies this beautifully.”

“Beyond the cricket field, it's a platform for men, woman and families with addressing challenges, promoting mental health through physical activity, and building a stronger, more resilient community."

Roper Gulf Regional Council acknowledges the support of NT Cricket and the local community in making the Borroloola Barra Cup a resounding success.

“I extend my gratitude to NT Cricket and the entire community for their amazing support.”

“The success of the Borroloola Barra Cup wouldn't be possible without their commitment to our shared goals of community well-being and social progress” Mr Gardner said

Council emphasizes the event's dual purpose, to engage people in physical activity for the mental health benefits it brings, and to continue addressing the crucial conversation around domestic violence against women in regional Australia.

The Manangoora Magpies emerged victorious in a hard-fought competition, showcasing the talent and dedication of the local teams.

Council extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Manangoora Magpies and all participating teams for their sportsmanship and commitment to the spirit of the Borroloola Barra Cup.

Roper Gulf Regional Council looks forward to continued collaborations and initiatives that promote community well-being and social change through the universal language of sport.


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