Australia Day 2024 Awards

Australia Day 2024

Roper Gulf Region Council is pleased to announce that, for the first time ever, the prestigious titles of Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, and Community Event of the Year have all been awarded to a single person and event that have symbolised the spirit of our region.


Citizen of the Year – Toni Kutschki:

Toni Kutschki, a dedicated resident of Mataranka, has been awarded the Citizen of the Year for her exceptional contributions to our community. Behind the scenes, Toni has worked tirelessly to elevate Mataranka into a thriving hub of community spirit. Her dedication to coordinating local school events and the annual Christmas Tree event has left an indelible mark on the region. Toni's commitment to making Mataranka a wonderful place to live and visit embodies the values we hold dear.


Young Citizen of the Year – Leydon Wilfred:

Leydon Wilfred, a dynamic and inspiring young member of our community in Numbulwar, has been honoured as the Young Citizen of the Year. Leydon's remarkable dedication to engaging with youth programs and his role as a mentor have made him a shining example for the younger generation. His relentless pursuit of creating positive opportunities for our youth has earned him this well-deserved recognition.


Community Event of the Year – Malandarri Festival:

The Community Event of the Year award goes to the extraordinary Malandarri Festival, a vibrant celebration that showcased the best of the Roper Gulf Region. This festival showcased the incredible talent and rich cultural heritage of our indigenous communities. It serves as a testament to the power of art, culture, and unity to bring our region together.

The success of the Malandarri Festival would not have been possible without the dedicated support of Artback NT and the tireless efforts of the Borroloola Roper Gulf employees. Their commitment, creativity, and hard work have transformed the festival into a spectacular celebration that resonated with people from all walks of life.


Council recognises that these awards represent not just the achievements of individuals and events, but the collective spirit of a region that values community, culture, and a brighter future for all. The 2024 Australia Day celebrations across the Roper Gulf Region stand as a testament to our enduring strength and unity.

The Roper Gulf Region Council extends its heartfelt congratulations to Toni Kutschki, Leydon Wilfred, and the Malandarri Festival for their outstanding contributions. Together, they remind us that when communities unite, extraordinary achievements are possible.