Bulman School Students Attend Council Meeting

Bulman School Students at OMC

The Ordinary Meeting of Council was held in Bulman today, with some very special guests in attendance.

Students from the Bulman School have been learning about governance and the three levels of government this term and we are very excited to have a group of students attend this week's meeting.

Today they attended the Ordinary Meeting of Council with our Mayor and Councillors to learn about Local Government, the decision making processes and the opportunities presented to Council.

We hope this insight into Council meetings inspires young people across the region to join Local Authorities, reach out to Councillors in their area or engage with Council on a regular basis to help us make better decisions for their community and for their generation.

Well done to the Bulman School and the students who are attended the Council meeting today. We can't wait to see you become great leaders for the Bulman community and our region in the future!

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