Heebie Jeebies in Borroloola

Vet Nurse and young students in classroom

Roper Gulf Regional Council would like to thank Inspired NT and the Federal Government for funding “The Teeny Tiny World of Heebie Jeebies” project as part of National Science Week 2022. 

Council's Vet Nurse Kaylene Doust and volunteer Vet Science student Emily had a blast with the students from Borroloola School on Wednesday 17 August during Science Week.

The youngest kids looked at tiny 'things', played fun games with soft toy germs, listened to stories on the giant cell rug, and used “Glitter Bugs” to learn how to wash their hands effectively.

The older primary and high school students watched a presentation on cells and bacteria, saw some petri dishes already growing bacteria and looked through microscopes at blood smears and bacteria. The students then prepared their own petri dishes to see what grows over the next couple of weeks (including ear wax and snot!).

Kay, Emily and all students shared morning tea, and at the end of the senior sessions was a quiz to find out who had been listening hard enough to become the Borroloola Primary and High School Heebie Jeebie Champions. The slime kit prizes were a big hit with the high school boys who took photos dressed as mad scientists.

Thank you to everyone at Borroloola School for being so interested, joining in and making our Vet team feel so welcome.

We are looking forward to finding out what terrible products grow in the petri dishes.


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Inspired NT and the Federal Government provided funding for the “The Teeny Tiny World of Heebie Jeebies”. 

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