Council Staff Attend National Indigenous Empowerment Summit

NIES Darwin

Last week we had 6 staff members from Roper Gulf Regional Council attend the National Indigenous Empowerment Summit (NIES) in Darwin.

The conference focus was on harnessing the potential of the Indigenous community for continued prosperity and growth. There were three topic streams: Indigenous Education, Indigenous Employment, and Indigenous Economic Development, with key speakers from across the country.

The NIES has provided our staff with lots of information to bring back to our region and to incorporate into our programs and operations, with a renewed focus and energy!

Image description (above): Sev Abeyratne (Grants Coordinator), Rodney Hoffman (Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer) and Clare Cupitt (Community Safety Manager)

Image description (below): A great photo of Sev and Nova Peris, Aboriginal Australian athlete and former politician who was a key speaker.

Also in attendance was Michaela Naare, Lisa Bishop and Kerry Fazldeen from our Community Development Program (CDP).