Cyclone Shelter

Borroloola Sport and Rec Centre

Construction of the cyclone shelter in Borroloola is managed by the NT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics. Click here to visit the website. This project aligns with Roper Gulf Regional Council's strategic goal to foster a safe living environment and to support building community infrastructure which positively contributes to resident needs. 

Project update 

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics provided a status report to Council in October 2023 with the following progress updates:

  • Construction of the sub-base and fill groundworks for the building pad area are completed. 
  • Forming and pouring of the Male, Female, First Aid, Storeroom and Generator room area completed.
  • All building slab pouring and curing is completed with all concrete test results approved.
  • All of the stormwater piping has been laid and backfilled on the building site. The road crossing stormwater works will be finalised at a later date so it doesn’t interfere with access to the site.
  • The structural steelwork has experienced a delay in delivery due to the availability of the protective coating system. Expect the arrival by mid-October, therefore, the perimeter retaining wall and fencing works have commenced to keep the project moving forward.
  • Once the structural steelwork is in place the blockwork will commence tying the blockwork in to the structural steelwork.
  • The planning application has been submitted and planning approval received.

Overall, works are progressing well with a new completion date of 8 February 2024.