Council Secures Homelands Capital Grant for Vital Outstation Initiatives

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Roper Gulf Regional Council is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a generous grant of $167,567 in the Homelands Capital Grant Program of the Northern Territory Government for the fiscal year 2023/24.

This significant funding will be allocated to several crucial projects aimed at enhancing the well-being and sustainability of the outstations that Council serves across the region.

The grant will be used for the following projects:

1. Installation of a new genset at Costello Outstation near Ngukurr ($18,644) to improve energy reliability and support the community's power needs.

2. Installation of two solar hot water systems at Mount Catt Outstation near Bulman ($33,564) to reduce energy costs and provide eco-friendly hot water solutions to residents.

3. Procurement and installation of one solar hot water system at Baghetti Outstation also near Bulman, further emphasising our commitment to sustainable energy practices.

4. Implementation of solar power infrastructure for the portable water supply at Badawarrka near Ngukurr ($37,514), ensuring a dependable source of clean water while reducing environmental impact.

5. Installation of one solar hot water system at Mole Hill near Minyerri and Jilkminggan ($16,210) to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

6. Deployment of three solar hot water systems also at Badawarrka ($46,080), demonstrating improvements to living conditions and conserving resources in the region.

Council CEO Marc Gardner, expressed his gratitude for the grant, stating "We are immensely thankful for the Homelands Capital Grant Program and the Territory Government’s support in enabling us to enhance the lives of our outstation communities.”

“These projects are instrumental in promoting sustainability, providing long term solutions, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring a brighter future for our residents.”

“Access to reliable energy and clean water is fundamental to our region's growth and well-being."

“Outstations and homelands are also very important to our Council, and improvements such as these will enable long term liveability of people back on their country, close to cultural ties, which will in turn reduce the pressure on housing in nearby communities.” Mr Gardner said.

“Many of our communities have poor standards of housing and cramped living conditions, but enabling long term residency and investment at outstations and homelands contributes towards healthier outcomes and a reduction in social and health issues.”

The Homelands Program has long been a valuable partner in Council's efforts to improve the living conditions and environmental sustainability of outstations.

This latest grant reinforces the commitment of both Council and the grant program’s strategies with the welfare and progress of the region's remote communities.

Council is dedicated to upholding the values of environmental responsibility and community well-being.

By implementing these essential projects, the council aims to provide lasting benefits to outstation residents, reduce operating costs, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for the entire region.



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