Office closures in Nyirrunggulung Ward

Barunga Sign and Flags

Out of respect to the families, friends and colleagues of Dr. Bush Blanasi who recently passed away, the Council offices and services in the Nyirrunggulung Ward will remain closed for the rest of this week.

This includes:

  • Barunga
  • Manyallaluk (Eva Valley)
  • Wugularr (Beswick)
  • Bulman and Weemol

Some staff will continue to work behind closed doors and essential Council services such as rubbish collection, aged care and childcare will continue to operate where staff are available.

It is advisable that Council contractors also respect the changes to operational conditions in communities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Katherine Support Centre on (08) 8972 9000 or at

We appreciate your cooperation during this sad time for many people in our region.