Roper Gulf Regional Council Joins Forces with The Y NT for Safer, Healthier Remote Pools in Ngukurr and Borroloola

Ngukurr Pool

Roper Gulf Regional Council is proud to be partnering with The Y NT Remote Pool Programs to support the safe operation of community pools in Ngukurr and Borroloola.

The Borroloola pool is set to open on 14 October 2023, with the occasion much anticipated by residents and to be marked by a community gathering.

An opening date for the Ngukurr pool is yet to be set, and is estimated for early-November 2023.

Remote swimming pools are vital community assets that improve health outcomes, social connection, and local employment pathways.

The collaboration between Roper Gulf Regional Council and Y Northern Territory will ensure consistency of service, improved employment and training outcomes for local residents, and increased operational safety for the Ngukurr and Borroloola swimming pools. 

Y Northern Territory Chief Executive Officer Matt Feutrill said swimming pools are helping to close the gap in health inequality in remote Australia.

“The health benefits of having pools open in these communities cannot be understated.

“Regular access to swimming pools is a protective factor against chronic diseases and reduces the occurrence of skin, ear, and eye infections,” he said.

The Y’s Remote Pools Project is a new approach to reducing health inequality in remote communities.

Matt Feutrill said the project utilises the Y’s expertise in aquatic facility management and water safety programming to meet a community need and build local capacity.

“Many swimming pools in remote communities across the Northern Territory are at risk of closure, or already closed, due to increasing complexities and compliance of safe pool operation.

The Remote Pools Project is reversing the trend,” he said.

Access to water safety education and swimming lessons ensures children and families learn how to be safe in and around water – an important life skill and a protector against drowning.

Aboriginal children are 2.9 times more likely than non-Aboriginal children to drown, according to a report by Royal Life Saving Australia.

Roper Gulf Regional Council General Manager of Council Services and Community Engagement, David Hurst stated "Remote swimming pools are not just places for recreation, they are essential community assets that foster health, social bonds, and local livelihoods.”  

“The partnership between Y Northern Territory and Roper Gulf Regional Council underscores our commitment to ensuring the safe operation of pools in Ngukurr and Borroloola.”

“We believe that by working together, we are not only providing access to these vital resources but also empowering our communities, bridging the gap in health disparities, and nurturing a brighter, safer future for all."

The Remote Pools Project, in conjunction with Roper Gulf Regional Council support local staff to become Pool Lifeguards, building local job opportunities and employment pathways.

Roper Gulf Regional Council and The Remote Pools Project recruits skilled volunteers to support pool operation and deliver swimming lessons and training.


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