Council Staff to Deliver 'Back on Track' Program

Back on track

Roper Gulf Regional Council’s dedicated Community Development Program (CDP) staff, alongside other team members, are enhancing their skills by undertaking a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment so they can deliver the ‘Back on Track’ program.

The Back on Track, approved Drink and Drug Driver Education Course program is a transformative initiative designed to empower community members across the region to re-enter the workforce with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.

It addresses a critical need in our region and aligns with the Roper Gulf Regional Council's overarching mission of community development and empowerment, as currently the largest barrier for jobseekers joining the workforce is gaining their drivers licence.

This initiative is also part of Council’s commitment to strengthening the local workforce and expanding the reach of the ‘Back on Track’ program across our communities, ensuring that everyone has access to opportunities for personal and professional growth.

By imparting essential life skills, vocational training and emotional support, participants can build their self-esteem and become self-reliant contributors to the workforce and their communities, which is the fundamental basis of this program.

The Back on Track Program is currently only offered in larger towns, so by having Council staff who are equipped to deliver this training in the remote communities within our region, we can ensure that more individuals have access to the program and are able to re-join the workforce and we can reach areas with lower populations and sometimes live long distances apart.

Marc Gardner, CEO of Roper Gulf Regional Council, emphasises the importance of this initiative saying, "We are committed to providing the best possible career opportunities for all community members of the Roper Gulf Region.”

“The Back on Track program equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome barriers to employment and achieve their goals.”

“By investing in the training and development of our staff, we're ensuring that people living our communities receive the support they deserve, and ultimately quality improvements to our service delivery."

The skills acquired through the ‘Back on Track’ program will not only assist in building stronger communities, it will also provide Council staff with valuable experience and expertise in training and assessment and local community engagement.

This training, which is expected to be concluded in March 2024 will allow trained Council Staff to deliver the program across the whole Roper Region to any individual wanting to re-enter the workforce. 

This program delivery includes areas where Council does not have a government contract for employment services and demonstrates the commitment to our people and their career aspirations.

Roper Gulf Regional Council remains dedicated to enhancing the lives of all community members and is proud to be able deliver this program.

This training and program delivery was made possible through the Local Investments Funding Grant from the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) 


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