Baby Animals Belong in the Bush Launches Tomorrow

Baby Animals Animation Teaser

To address the concern for baby animals being removed from the wild, Roper Gulf Regional Council’s Animal Management Program has created an animation which will launch tomorrow.

The animation is called ‘Baby Animals Belong in the Bush’ and will be available in both English and Kriol.

Baby Animals Belong in the Bush is a fun, kid friendly video that has been created to reinforce the important message about leaving baby animals with their mother to stop serious health risks and problems for both animals and people.

The video will be shown to local schools as part of the Animal Management Program and will be shared to a wider audience online.

The animation was funded by the Northern Territory Animal Welfare Grant Program and was created by Christian Carbajosa at Carbajosa Design.

Roper Gulf Regional Council would like to thank Meigim Kriol Strongbala and ARDS Aboriginal Corporation who assisted with the Kriol translation and voice recordings.

We would also like to thank Dr Samantha Phelan and Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) who wrote the script and supported the project through the development stages.  

Mayor Tony Jack spoke about the importance of this video for the region.

“We are always dealing with problem pets in communities including pigs, horses and buffalo, which can create a number of safety issues for residents”.

“Often people take young animals from the bush and when they grow up, they are unsuitable for community life”.

“This video will help educate children and people from communities to better understand the risks with taking wild animals as pets”.

“I would like to thank Kay and everyone involved in the creation of this valuable resource and look forward to its launch online and in local schools”, said Mayor Jack.

The animation will be shared on Council’s website and Facebook page tomorrow, Tuesday 04 October, which is also World Animal Day.


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