Our Services


Core Services

Core Services are services that all regional councils, including Roper Gulf Regional Council, are required to deliver to specified communities from July 1, 2008 under the amended Local Government Act.

The following Core Services will be provided to communities in the region:

  • Administration of Local Authorities, Advisory Boards and Management Committees
  • Administration of Local Laws
  • Advocacy and representation on local and regional issues
  • Asset management
  • Cemetery management
  • Civic, cultural and sporting events
  • Companion animal welfare and control
  • Community management
  • Council planning and reporting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Financial management
  • Fleet and plant management
  • Governance
  • Human resource management
  • Information technology and communications
  • Library and cultural heritage
  • Lighting for public safety, including street lighting
  • Local emergency management
  • Local road maintenance
  • Local road upgrade and construction
  • Maintenance and upgrade of Council-controlled buildings, facilities and fixed assets
  • Maintenance and upgrade of Council-controlled parks, reserves and open spaces
  • Public and corporate relations
  • Records management
  • Revenue growth
  • Risk management
  • Traffic management on local roads
  • Training and employment of local people in Council operations
  • Waste management, including litter reduction
  • Weed control and fire hazard reduction


Agency Services

Agency Services include services that Roper Gulf Regional Council has agreed to deliver on behalf of other Government agencies on a fee-for-service basis.

It is anticipated that these services will be fully funded by the relevant agency, and that funding would include a contribution to administrative costs associated with delivering the service.

Subject to funding being provided by the relevant agencies, the following Agency Services will be delivered by the Council:

  • Aged and disabled care
  • Arts and culture
  • Centrelink services
  • Community media
  • Community safety
  • Economic development support
  • Employment and training
  • Environmental health
  • Family services, including childcare
  • Family finance skills
  • Natural and cultural resource management
  • Outstation/Homeland municipal services
  • School nutrition services
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Youth services