Access Information

Roper Gulf Regional Council holds numerous records as required by the provisions of the Information Act and Local Government Act, and their associated regulations.

RGRC endeavours to make as much information as possible publicly available via its website, agendas and minutes of meetings, monthly newsletter, Media Releases and Annual Report.

Members of the public and organisations may lodge a formal access application for information held by RGRC, in accordance with s18 of the Information Act.

The application must comply with the following requirements:

• It must be lodged in writing; and
• Specify the name of the applicant; and
• Include sufficient details to the identity of the information  (scope); and
• Specify an address to which the correspondence regarding the application may be sent to the applicant.

The application must also be accompanied by sufficient identification to establish the identity of the applicant, and a $30 application fee.

Applications for personal information do not have a application fee.

Persons may apply to access their personal information for the purposes of correcting that information as held by RGRC.

How to make an application to access information

Access applications may be made by submitting a completed form via the following methods:

Directorate of Corporate Governance
Roper Gulf Regional Council
PO Box 1321
Katherine NT 0851

In person
Roper Gulf Regional Council
29 Crawford Street
Katherine NT 0850


Access applications will be assessed against the applicable Information Act provisions and processing charges may apply.

Information may be released in full or in part, or refused as per the Information Act provisions.

Access to information may be refused on grounds including:

• Release of the information is not in the public interest;
• Release of the information is exempt under the Information Act provisions;
• Processing the application would constitute an unreasonable diversion of RGRC resources or adversely affect RGRC operations;
• The information is confidential;
• The information is already publicly available;
• The information is to be made publicly available within 60 days of the date of the access application.

What happens once an application has been lodged?

The outcome of access applications is decided within 30 days unless more time is required to process the application – should this be the case, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible.

Applicants have internal and external review rights pertaining to their access applications, full details of which will be provided as part of the application process.

For more information pertaining to access application please contact Governance and Corporate Planning.