Council Rates

The Council intends to raise, for general purposes by way of rates which will be raised by the application of:

– Differential valuation-based charges (“differential rates”)
– Differential rates with differential minimum amounts being payable in application of each of those differential rates
– A fixed charge (“flat rates”).
– Flat rates for different classes of allotments within the Roper Gulf Region.

Roper Gulf Regional Council applies a combination of flat rates and differential rating pursuant to Chapter 11 of the Local Government Act 2008. The application of the rating method is primarily applied as determined by the type of property, the land-use and the location within the Region. Rates for each allotment within the Region area are set using the methodology set out in the rates declaration.

Download Roper Gulf Regional Council’s 2017-18 Rates Declaration

Download Roper Gulf Regional Council’s Approved Conditional Rating Notice 2017-18

Download Roper Gulf Regional Council’s Rating Policy (PDF Link)

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