Our Council

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Roper Gulf Regional Council has created Council Committees to assist with the decision making process. Members of these committees are as follows:

Finance Committee

Mayor Tony Jack
Deputy Mayor Judy MacFarlane
Councillor Eric Roberts
Councillor Kathy Anne Numamurdirdi
Councillor John Dalywater
Independent Member Geoff Bishop

Audit Committee

Councillor Don Garner
Councillor Daniel Mulholland
Councillor (vacant)
Independent Member Phil Vivian
Independent Member Mark Griffieon

Community Grants Committee

Mayor Tony Jack
Deputy Mayor Judy MacFarlane
Councillor Selina Ashley
Councillor Annabelle Daylight

 Upcoming meetings

For the latest information on the upcoming Council meetings, click here.

Elected Member allowances

Under the Local Government Act, Roper Gulf Regional Council’s Elected Members are entitled to various allowances for their service.

To download the Elected Member allowances for 2017-18, click here.

In addition, those Elected Members who sit on Council committees receive the following additional allowances:

  • Extra meeting allowance for attendance at a committee meeting: $125.00 per meeting (maximum claimable $8561.59 per Elected Member)
  • Acting Principal Member allowance: $254.42 per day (maximum claimable 90 days/$22,897.80)

To download the Elected Member allowances for previous three financial years, click on the corresponding link below:

Elected Member allowances – 2016-17

Elected Member allowances – 2015-16

Elected Member allowances – 2014-15

Local Authority Members

Under the Local Government Act, Local Authority Members are entitled to the following allowance for attendance at a Local Authority Meeting where quorum is reached:

  • Local Authority Members: $123.00 per meeting
  • Chairperson of the Local Authority Meeting (must be a Local Authority Member): $164.00 per meeting

Members’ Conflict of Interest Register

To download the Elected Members’ Conflict of Interest Register, click here.

Council’s Election Register

To download the Council’s Election Register, click here.

Council subsidiaries

Roper Gulf Regional Council is a member of CouncilBIZ, which is a Local Government Subsidiary as defined by the Local Government Act.

Documents relating to CouncilBIZ are available below:

See approved CouncilBiz Constitution [PDF link]  [CouncilBIZ Annual Report 14/15 ]