Council selection race begins for 23 candidates

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NEW COUNCIL: Twenty-three candidates will contest 13 vacant Elected Member positions across five Wards when voters in the Roper Gulf region go to the polls this month.

Following today’s declaration of nominations by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission, here are the 23 candidates – and their position on the ballot paper – who will contest Roper Gulf Regional Council’s 13 vacant Elected Member positions at the 2017 NT Local Government election on August 26:

Never Never Ward (three positions vacant)
1 Annabelle Daylight
2 Ossie Daylight
3 Judy MacFarlane
4 Ian Daylight Snr

Numbulwar Numburindi Ward (two positions vacant)
1 Edwin Nunggumajbarr
2 Hubert Rami
3 David Murrungun
4 Kathy-Anne Numamurdirdi

Nyirranggulung Ward (three positions vacant)
1 Lorraine Bennett
2 Selina Ashley
3 Deanna Kennedy
4 Wayne Runyu
5 Daryl Watson
6 Patricia Curtis-Forbes
7 Richard Miller
8 Helen Lee
9 Andrew Hood

South West Gulf Ward (three positions available)
1 Burton Willis
2 Samuel Evans
3 Keith Rory
4 Don Garner

Yugul Mangi Ward (two positions vacant – both candidates automatically elected)
1 Eric Yelawarra Roberts
2 Owen Turner

To get the latest election news, visit the NTEC website, or search for the #NTLGvotes2017 hashtag on social media.

Remote voting will be completed in communities across the Roper Gulf region from August 14 until August 25.

Download the full remote voting schedule here.